OMG theleague LOL April 24, 2008

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The MLB the Show League Draft Results 08

Chad Adam Jody James
P J Santana OF C Beltran 1B A Pujols 1B R Howard
SS J Rollins 3B A Rodriguez 1B D Lee OF V Guerrero
3B D Wright OF M Ramirez 3B M Cabrera SS D Jeter
OF M Holliday OF K Griffey OF Ichiro OF M Ordonez
2B C Utley 1B L Berkman OF C Lee OF R Braun
P J Peavy 2B J Kent SS R Furcal 2B P Polanco
1B D Ortiz C JR Towles C J Posada C I Rodriguez
C J Mauer P Joe Nathan P Ben Sheets P B Webb
P D Haren P J Smoltz 2B D Uggla 3B C Jones
OF A Soriano P D Matsuzaka P J Beckett P J Broxton
P B Wagner P H Okajima P J Papelbon P M Rivera
SS J Reyes P B Jenks P P Neshek P D Willis
P CC Sabathia P S Kazmir P C Zambrano P B Penny
P R Oswalt P J Chamberlan P C Schilling P R Betancourt
OF H Pence P A Pettit OF B Abreu CF T Hunter
OF W Taveras SS M Tejada 1B P Fielder 1B F Thomas
2B B Phillips CF G Sizemore P B Fuentes P T Gordon
P B Lidge P F Cordero P C Carpenter P J Verlander
P J Valverde P C Buchholz P C Marmol P J Lackey
P T Lincecum OF A Rios OF M Bourn 2B K Matsui
C R Martin C B McCann C J Varitek C B Molina
3B A Ramirez 2B D Pedroia SS J Lugo 3B M Lowell
P J Isringhausen 1B C Pena 2B L Castillo P F Hernandez
P BJ Ryan OF G Sheffield P R Harden P J Zumaya
P E Bedard P JJ Putz P F Rodriguez SS E Renteria

Chad fails at table creation
Chad didn’t try to create a table.

Panic At The Disco – Pretty. Fail. April 21, 2008

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patd-fail-sized.jpgIt’s bad that their first song they have to devote to an apology to the fans for sucking so much. Really? Do you just have no confidence in yourself? I mean, I know you’re supposed to be all ’emo’ and all. Read generic mainstream pop, and not pop punk like all this MTV would have you believe, because that’s actually good, e.g. Ramones. They’re just like the generic Boys Like Girls or All Time Low. You know, repetition and high-pitched, whiny singers with songs with no real content. But anyways, have at least some confidence in yourself. At least say you’re going to do something badass, and not just lie about who you are.

Still the same band? Bullshit. Remember Brent Wilson, that guy you kinda (allegedly) fucked over? Yeah, you see he was part of the band, now he isn’t, therefore the band isn’t the same, by fucking definition of the word ‘same.’ Look it up in the dictionary. You should be able to afford one.

Also, remember how you used to spell your own fucking name? You really don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘same.’ And did you guys even listen to it beforehand? Does it sound anything like you? No. It sounds like a bad rip off of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Band.

And busy spending time writing songs? Also bullshit. You started writing it in July 2007. You actually spent your time doing shows, making lots of money, and selling out. The writing of the music was just a very short time frame.

Then you get to their lyrical genius.

Clouds are marching along,
singing a song, just like they do.
If the clouds were singing a song,
I’d sing along, wouldn’t you too?

Hey, I know, let’s just completely contradict what I just said. That’ll surely make sense. Also, CLOUDS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Then there’s ‘Folkin’ Around.’ Apparently, everyone believes that this is the w0rst s0ng ev4r!!11!!2 I don’t think it’s the worst song, but it’s just that they tried to make it a serious song. Not serious as in it’s message or lyrics (they couldn’t do that), but the fact that it isn’t a bonus track or even an intermission song. If it was one of those, good. Half of the reason I listen to Asteria’s Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable is because of the awesome (awesomely ridiculous) bonus track, and part of the reason I like Hot Rod Circuit’s The Underground Is A Dying Breed, since I was looking for that bonus track.

This could be really long with just me making fun of pretty much everything about this and them, but, you see, I’m lazy, fat and only eat french fries. Which may be true, but it definitely doesn’t change the quality of the album.

2 LOLs, 0 OMGz

Are you missing anything by never listening to it? No. Not at all.

Plight of the Flightless Bird April 14, 2008

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     “You ate my Cheeto,” said Adam. He held up his right hand, thumb and index finger pressed together (both the color of orange). He spoke thus, angrily: “‘Twas my Cheeto.”

     “I know so,” said James, who had eaten Adam’s Cheeto.

     “Well are you sorry for eating my Cheeto?” inquired Adam, who was at this point furious.

     “I am not!” shouted James.

     “Don’t shout at me!” shouted Adam, waving his index finger and thumb wildy about.

     “Stop fighting!” yelled Jody. Adam and James looked at one another, saddened by what had happened, ashamed at what they had become. Monsters.

     “I…I’m sorry, James,” said Adam, “I should have shared my Cheeto.”

     “I too am sorry,” said James, “For I should not have taken your Cheeto without asking.”

     ‘Twas then that Chad entered the room ‘pon OMGmoviesLOL, the Great War Pony from Yonder. Perched on his left shoulder was a Woot Monkey in a pink cape, perched on his right a Woot Monkey in a blue cape. He said thus: “What is happening here?”

     “Resolution,” said Adam. “Resolution.”

OMGpodcastsLOL April 12, 2008

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Reviews of the 4 podcasts that I watch:

Tekzilla: Show about product reviews, computer help and tech tips. Hosted by Patrick Norton and new co-host Veronica Belmont. Tekzilla does have good tips for the everyday consumer. Tekzilla is aired weekly on Friday, and Tekzilla Daily, short videos of tech tips, almost everyday. I would recommend this show to anyone and Veronica Belmont is hot.

DL.TV: Hosted by Robert Heron and random guest host. Basically that same as Tekzilla but since  Patrick Norton left DL.TV the show has been a little bland, but the episodes are still informational. DL.TV is second to Tekzilla in my opinion. (Lloyd Case is boring)


The Guild: The Guild is a sitcom about a onlineRPG local “clan,” and how their lives basically revolve around playing the game. The main character, Felicia Day “Codex” is a hottie. The show is pretty funny even if you only know a little bit about online RPG’s. 3OMGs and 4LOLs out of 5OMGs and LOLs

Break a Leg:Break a Leg is anonther sitcom about the creation of a sitcom, “Groommates.” The main character of the show is the writer of the sitcom, and is the leader of the group. The group is struggling to create the show because their producer doesn’t have any money to pay for the show, and the cast has to start fundraising for the show to pay for it. There is one chick in the show that it is hot, Amber Turnipseed (Alexis Boozer). The show is prety funny considering the situational awkwardness. 2OMGs and 2LOLs and 5OMGs and LOLs

4500 April 6, 2008

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4500 tickets in fifty-five minutes (75 USD). Have you ever desired a pony so badly that you would fight for it? I have. I can say all four of us have with great conviction.

I saw this Billboard article about four of Kelly Clarkson’s songs from her upcoming album being leaked. They really are just demo’s from what I understand. I only tried to find one (With A Little Bit of Luck). You can listen to it here: Song

It’s Brian’s birthday today too! HOOSAH


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What we did with $75

88 Minutes April 5, 2008

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So I got some complaints of my last review being so long so I’ll try to make this one quick.

88 Minustes doesn’t come out until April 18, 2008 but I’m awesome and I saw it already. The main character is played by Al Pacino so thats was cool but there are some other recognizable faces in the movie but they do a bad job of acting. Pacino plays the role of a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI which is even cooler. OMG for that. He gets stalked by a crazy person and little twists happen throughout the movie which I thought were good.This movie is not a shoot ’em up type of flick but overall it was a pretty good thriller/suspense to watch although Pacino’s hair in the movie bothered me.

I don’t know what the rating system goes by so for future references, mine will be on a scale of 10. That being said, I give this movie 6 OMgs and a OM.

PS: This was written with the unix. Hooray for free BSDeez

PPS: I haven’t found any other reviews out for this movie yet so I could possibly be the first person to post or write a review about this movie. HELLZ YEAH!!!!11!!

REVIEWS! April 3, 2008

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Movie one: I just watched the movie ‘Dark Water’. I believe it is a remake of a similarly titled Japanese film made in 2002. I didn’t like the ending, it was fucked up. It’s basically all the little russian girl’s fault. She really needed to get over herself. “Will you be my mommy??!!.?!? FOREVER?!?!?” Creepy. I’d only watch this once.

Movie two: I saw the Skeleton Key too. What the fuck. The near-ending did make me laugh though. Kate Hudson is spraying all this red brick dust at the doorways to keep this dude away from her. The red brick doesn’t let anyone cross if they mean you harm !!! BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT!!! What the fuck? So he’s all running around trying to find a way to get to her screaming, “I CANT CROSS!!!” whilst staring at a fucking line of red brick dust. I could hardly watch this once.

Movie three: Diary of the Dead. I love zombie movies. Only when the zombies look cool though. So one million OMG’s. BRAVO. To explain: zombie movies need zombies; all else is filler. I could watch this many times.

Movie four: The Darjeeling Limited. I liked it. I give two OMG’s for neat-o filming, a few LOL’s for giggly moments. I could watch it many times.

Movie Five: Enchanted. YES, I did like it. A funny movie, the lead lady is very good at what she does. Five LOL’s, and seven OMG’s for Disney’s ability to make good movies. I could watch it many times for the random singing alone.

Movie Six: I’m not looking forward to the remake of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, a classic sci-fi movie from the 1950’s. They casted the lead alien role as Keanu Reeves. He’s emotionally dead, so I suppose it fits, but still…Jennifer Connelly is ‘Helen’, so that’s cool. I will reserve judgment.

Movie Seven: In the Land of Women. Yeah, I watched this too. A big ‘What the fuck’ for the ending, but it was okay. One OMG, one LOL for a funny scene. I could watch it twice if I stopped before it ended…

Movie Eight: The Mist. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE ENDING?! Suprising and sad. Eight OMG’s for that. One LOL for the fact that it had no humor. By the end I was as devoid of emotion as Keanu Reeves and one very sad boy (MAN). I’d only watch this once.

Movie Nine: Serenity. Excellent sci-fi movie, but to truly enjoy it one must first watch the series ‘Firefly’. After doing so, the movie becomes magical and shocking. Ten OMG’s and eight LOL’s after taking into consideration the series. I could watch this many times.

i did it for the lulz April 2, 2008

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Missed the epic page that was chock full on win?

Not cool enough? Try the crazy hardcore edition.

If you fail at the crazy hardcore edition, just go with the slightly cooler, but not by that much, edition.