REVIEWS! April 3, 2008

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Movie one: I just watched the movie ‘Dark Water’. I believe it is a remake of a similarly titled Japanese film made in 2002. I didn’t like the ending, it was fucked up. It’s basically all the little russian girl’s fault. She really needed to get over herself. “Will you be my mommy??!!.?!? FOREVER?!?!?” Creepy. I’d only watch this once.

Movie two: I saw the Skeleton Key too. What the fuck. The near-ending did make me laugh though. Kate Hudson is spraying all this red brick dust at the doorways to keep this dude away from her. The red brick doesn’t let anyone cross if they mean you harm !!! BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT!!! What the fuck? So he’s all running around trying to find a way to get to her screaming, “I CANT CROSS!!!” whilst staring at a fucking line of red brick dust. I could hardly watch this once.

Movie three: Diary of the Dead. I love zombie movies. Only when the zombies look cool though. So one million OMG’s. BRAVO. To explain: zombie movies need zombies; all else is filler. I could watch this many times.

Movie four: The Darjeeling Limited. I liked it. I give two OMG’s for neat-o filming, a few LOL’s for giggly moments. I could watch it many times.

Movie Five: Enchanted. YES, I did like it. A funny movie, the lead lady is very good at what she does. Five LOL’s, and seven OMG’s for Disney’s ability to make good movies. I could watch it many times for the random singing alone.

Movie Six: I’m not looking forward to the remake of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, a classic sci-fi movie from the 1950’s. They casted the lead alien role as Keanu Reeves. He’s emotionally dead, so I suppose it fits, but still…Jennifer Connelly is ‘Helen’, so that’s cool. I will reserve judgment.

Movie Seven: In the Land of Women. Yeah, I watched this too. A big ‘What the fuck’ for the ending, but it was okay. One OMG, one LOL for a funny scene. I could watch it twice if I stopped before it ended…

Movie Eight: The Mist. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE ENDING?! Suprising and sad. Eight OMG’s for that. One LOL for the fact that it had no humor. By the end I was as devoid of emotion as Keanu Reeves and one very sad boy (MAN). I’d only watch this once.

Movie Nine: Serenity. Excellent sci-fi movie, but to truly enjoy it one must first watch the series ‘Firefly’. After doing so, the movie becomes magical and shocking. Ten OMG’s and eight LOL’s after taking into consideration the series. I could watch this many times.

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