Gordon Post April 16, 2013

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Gordon Ramsay must be a dinosaur because he keeps calling everything RAWR. heh





Now, I know what you’re thinking

Stop right there, Adam! Stop right there. You’re too…your jokes are too funny.

You’re right, little guy.

God dammit, you’re right.






Various Adventures April 10, 2013

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I watched a few movies recently, on which I will elaborate after I impart upon you this important piece of advice:

Unless you want to watch your herb garden slowly choke under a ruthless minty-fresh reign, do not attempt to cultivate mint. It’s really easy to grow — too easy. Do you understand? DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Every man knows that nurturing an herb garden is a god-given right, not a privilege, and it is your duty as a non-savage/barbarian citizen of this, our green and blue and yellow Earth to grow herbs god dammit. I implore you to throw caution to the wind, you glorious bird, and soar! Spread your ugly pigeon wings and fly! With herbs!


On to the movies. I saw two that I will speak on today. The first being “Fat Kid Rules The World”. I didn’t pay too much attention during the film, but from what I gather it involves Kurt Cobain and a rather rotund (heh hehe heh) kid and their zany adventures. I don’t know. I don’t think I’d watch it again. 3 OMG’s and four LOL’s, but it’s an almost-new movie and I think I cried during one scene.

The second movie was a horror film, the title of which escapes me. The Innkeepers maybe, I’m not all-in on that bet though. I thought it was funny at first, because I enjoyed the lead actress, but then it turned into a horror which upset me even though I knew it was a horror to begin with. I went through most of the movie thinking it wasn’t actually going to be a horror. Ugh. Ugh! Fuck! Right? Fuck! 1 OMG 2 LOL’s

I saw about eight samurai films too. Those kinds from the 50’s and 60’s that are black and white. So great. They’re like spaghetti westerns, but with swords. 8 OMGS, 7 LOL’s (’cause they’re not all humorous).






I recently went through my whole life not knowing what the word “effervescent” meant, and now that I know it essentially means “bubbly” I have to say I’m not terribly fond of it. Also, the grocery store smelled like feet yesterday. What?