Plight of the Flightless Bird April 14, 2008

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     “You ate my Cheeto,” said Adam. He held up his right hand, thumb and index finger pressed together (both the color of orange). He spoke thus, angrily: “‘Twas my Cheeto.”

     “I know so,” said James, who had eaten Adam’s Cheeto.

     “Well are you sorry for eating my Cheeto?” inquired Adam, who was at this point furious.

     “I am not!” shouted James.

     “Don’t shout at me!” shouted Adam, waving his index finger and thumb wildy about.

     “Stop fighting!” yelled Jody. Adam and James looked at one another, saddened by what had happened, ashamed at what they had become. Monsters.

     “I…I’m sorry, James,” said Adam, “I should have shared my Cheeto.”

     “I too am sorry,” said James, “For I should not have taken your Cheeto without asking.”

     ‘Twas then that Chad entered the room ‘pon OMGmoviesLOL, the Great War Pony from Yonder. Perched on his left shoulder was a Woot Monkey in a pink cape, perched on his right a Woot Monkey in a blue cape. He said thus: “What is happening here?”

     “Resolution,” said Adam. “Resolution.”

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