OMGstoryLOL July 3, 2012

Adam busts in through the door, “I’m fucking back!”

The imaginary people in the room look around at one another, confused.

Thinking surely, fucking surely they didn’t hear him, he repeats himself: “I’m fucking back!”

He’s panting now. The adrenaline of fucking pure awesome throbbing through his veins. Into his feet and shit, man. It’s wild.

After some silence, one says: “You were gone?”

If Adam were a balloon he would be deflated. FFffffffffzz zzz zz… zzz.

“No. No, I guess I wasn’t,” Adam manages to say despite the growing lump in his throat. The tears welling up in his eyes make it difficult to find the door and leave.






4500 April 6, 2008

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4500 tickets in fifty-five minutes (75 USD). Have you ever desired a pony so badly that you would fight for it? I have. I can say all four of us have with great conviction.

I saw this Billboard article about four of Kelly Clarkson’s songs from her upcoming album being leaked. They really are just demo’s from what I understand. I only tried to find one (With A Little Bit of Luck). You can listen to it here: Song

It’s Brian’s birthday today too! HOOSAH

burthdayz weekendz is over March 4, 2008

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burthdays is over. fuckin unix dirtyed up my fucking living room has taken the life of the computers of my roomzee adam. OMG FUCK the UNIX. since burthdays is over. its back to normal life SHIT SHIT theres a test on thursday in this stupid class. WHAT THE FUCK music industries what the hell is that shit. OMG WTF LOL. whats been learned over burthdayz, dont install the uNIX, if you ask if we should have a last round its probably a bad idea, dont go to IHOPs after the bad idea because its another bad idea, how to chaccaron (WTF CHACCARON LOL), THe chick at the FOXs and HOuNDs is HOT! Whatsup GIRL! JOdy is a fucking little CUNT. OMG WTF LOL, 2lessons up to this point int he semester is retarded its like week the end dont install the unix, chaccaron, bad ideas are bad, hot chicks work at fox and hound. even the one with like litterally no ass. WTF BEERPONGS WITH WATER!?!?!

MAC OS X is UNIX not LINUX fucking idiots at retail stores ie. Best Buy are dumbasses (hoorays i got a MACBOOKS its purty and black)


SHIT SHIT i didnt watch a movies o wells. i leave tha jody and adam on their little dates

Chad, Romance, and Bunday March 2, 2008

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Chadrick is 21? what? For the longest time I was nearly certain My Dear Chad was perpetually 16. This news, albeit fantastical, IS A FUCKING SHOCK. Two OMG’s and one Special LOL Birthday

Don’t install the Unix, ’tis a fate worse than Death. James and I successfully vanquished one desktop computer and were on our way to conquering a laptop before we abandoned the project and installed PCLinuxOS. More will be done.

I saw Death at a Funeral. It made me chortle at several points — two LOL’s for that. Some events in the movie are OUTRAGEOUS, so three OMG’s for that. So if I were you and you weren’t me, I would watch the movie. Aside from inside-car scenes that some characters have on the way to the funeral, the entire movie takes place in one house. Despite how that may sound the movie was still entertaining. I’ll throw in one more LOL and an OMG.


AND IT’S BUNDAY!!I!*!*!*!*!*!


yeah…this is a rabbit…wtf's a