fishsticks! February 14, 2008

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Jody said he’d write a review for Strange Wilderness, so I’ll leave him to that…JODY.

I was curious about what went into a fishstick so I googled exactly that. I found an interesting page with some dude complaining about how Gordon’s fishsticks are not plastic wrapped. It reads like so:

Hi Y’all-

So tonight for dinner I had some fish sticks with ketchup. They were Gorton’s fish sticks and the weird thing about them (besides the taste) is that when you open the box they’re like floating around in the cardboard not wrapped in anything. I think fish sticks are the only things in the whole frozen dinner section that doesn’t need to be inside some kind of plastic in the box. Since when can things just float around like that? What makes the fish sticks so indestructible that they’re not in plastic? And even if they don’t need to be- can’t the Gorton’s people humor us by pretending they do?

Anyway I don’t have enough furniture for my apartment so the room with the TV doesn’t have a coffee table in it. So I’ve been using this cardboard box since I’ve moved in. I write on the box sometimes when I think I picked up a daily fact learned from the tv. I think regular furniture is overrated. I can write on my coffee table. I can spill on it and not care. I never have to clean it. I can keep stuff inside it. People can put their feet up on it and not feel guilty at all.

I like cardboard in general but I don’t think it should be able to hold fish sticks inside without some kind of plastic wrap. I wrote to the Gorton’s people for an explanation as to why they feel they can package their fish sticks this way. I’ll post the response here when/if I get one.

ok bye


My favorite part is when he describes his furniture. I give him two LOL’s. One OMG for get some fuckin furniture.

Pre-Caturday Movie February 8, 2008

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I’m going to see Cloverfield. I will. And then I’m going to see that movie about the king. Forgot its name. The reviews will follow. I can’t decide if I like Harry Potter or not.

This OMGCATURDAYLOL is going to be fuckin sweet.


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Oh fuck, It’s Caturday!!!111!!!!!11!

Fuck, not cat.

Fuck you bunny. You no cat.



Yeah, it’s mother fucking caturday. ROFLCOPTER!

I didz. LOLZ!!!!$!%@$^%


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