Fun Size February 5, 2013

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So this is a movie with Victoria Justice. It’s probably about stuff and junk. I don’t know. Victoria Justice.

This will be another one of those live post thingies that I share with you my thoughts throughout the movie. I will also be playing cod at the same time.

Update 1: starting out in shower. Cool

Update 2: “where are my boobs?” LULZ

Update 3: dads dead? Feel like this will be an annoying unnecessary plot point

Update 4: Nerdy guy from project x. Wish there were as many boobs in this as project x had

Update 5: Porsche bro is all like: dat ass

Update 6: she managed to get out of that embarrassing moment by being really really ridiculously good looking

Update 7: other chick: sexy cat

Update 8: Kid why you gotta make such a creepy face when digging in the hole. It’s creepy

Update 9: he sent that bitch a smiley. Bitches love smileys

Update 10: damn kid. Watch ya language

Update 11: lol. A peterfile

Update 12: Gives kid sugar even though candy is right in front of him. Dick

Update 13: way to abduct a child their bro

Update 14: lulz. “You naired your butt?”

Update 15: eww. She touched his hand

Update 16: “omg. My ass is killing the cat”

Update 17: wait. Did she lose the kid and not give a shit? Might have missed something. But I probably haven’t

Update 18: he gonna get raped. By fat people

Update 19: fat kid loves pirate chicken

Update 20: oh. They are looking for the kid. Driving around randomly looking for the kid will surely be effective

Update 21: I’m sure he gets jacked up

Update 22: I guess wedgies are still cool?

Update 23: 20 second boob grab? That’s a damn good deal

Update 24: And he added the stipulation of it being a cold day


Update 25: “perds” wtf does that mean?

Update 26: chicken humping car? So unnecessary. But funny

Update 27: pretty sure there’s more to setting up a flint pistol that they call a musket

Update 28: pigtail chick. Pretty hot

Update 29: Johnny Knoxville. You’re a dick

Update 30: old dude is fapping to fifty shades of grey

Update 31: “or is it regular retardant”

Update 32: sexy cat: You lost a kid, lets not worry about that and try to get you laid

Update 33: professional grade dog poo

Update 34: he called the shit poop

Update 35: not sure if character is supposed to be wearing a wig or director just didn’t give a shit that it was falling off

Update 36: he just jizzed in his pants

Update 37: the emotions

Update 38: now they’re trying to give this an actual story with like a lesson or something? I’m not buying it

Update 39: so it was just a wig. Or director was really really lazy

Update 40: pretty sure you could just call the cops. Bro has an abducted kid locked in his house. Ain’t nobody else getting in trouble for that

Update 41: you’s gonna get raped

Update 42: ah yes, 8 year old terrorist

Update 43: let him call the cops you dumbass

Update 44: I guess the kid is just fully retardant

Update 45: and he’s getting naked in front of a kid

Update 46: stop trying to make an actual story here

Update 47: I feel like he’s using half the lines he used in project x

Update 48: I don’t like project x bro making out with my Victoria

Update 49: go pro lunchbox. Pretty cool


Update 51: apparently kid isn’t retardant at all

Update 52: oh it was directed by josh Schwartz


Had no idea what I was watching coming into this except Victoria Justice. And it delivered on that end. And it was pretty funny. The tacking on an actual story was pretty bad and it kinda teetered off toward the end. But overall, entertaining

3 OMGs (for miss justice)
3 LOLs (you naired your butt?)