Kitchen Nightmares (ANY YEAR. ANY!) July 18, 2012

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I just like this show, man. It’s a good show. I don’t re-watch it, though. No, sir… Now, let’s get into this review, you stupid fat cows! HA HA!

Firstly, I can’t stress enough how much Kitchen Nightmares isn’t like Ip Man. Mainly because unlike Ip Man, this show is enjoyable (Ip Man is basically an assault on your humanity).

Secondly, Gordon Ramsay… is really cool! (High fives!) He takes these restaurants in the U.K. and these restaurants in the U.S.A., which are kind of deplorable (like Ip Man, actually), and tries to turn them around. Sometimes there are even follow-up’s to previous episodes. And they’re not all success stories! OH NO! Not at all.

Thirdly, blah blah blah blah

In closing, I found Ip Man and all of its subsequent horror show sequels/prequels to be God’s filmified damnation upon human-kind and all that is good and sacred on this Earth. ‘Cause it’s terrrrible! Holy shit have you seen this garbage can of a movie? Can I even call it a movie? Is that profanity? Jesus Christ.

It’s online and stuff! Go watch it!

A billion OMG’s and one singular LOL



The Dark Knight Rises (2012) July 11, 2012

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Let’s pretend that I’ve seen this movie.

I felt, as a professional movie-goer, that this film was superbly crafted. Good job, Christopher Nolan (I call him Chris). Really good job, man. The stuff you had Batman do? Priceless. Such a fantastic way to end your epic trilogy. And what you did with the villain guy…Dane Cook, or whatever? I truly enjoyed the suspenseful build-up to that masterpiece of an ending. I did cry. I laughed.

I also appreciate that you included a cat for a supporting character. It really hit home with me. I was able to relate.

Anyways, from probably your biggest fan ever: Thank you for not making Ip Man, which was a terrible movie. Probably the worst movie ever made.



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