Legatron = Matt Prater November 19, 2016

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Enough said…

Avocado (2012) August 1, 2012

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They were going bad. I had to fucking eat them. And then they betray me.


Some avocado facts:

1. They aren’t spelled “avacado”

2. They’re evil

3. I have avocado all over my keyboard now

OS X Mountain Lion July 27, 2012

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Buggy as fuck.

0 OMGs. 0 LOLs.

Apple, iOS and actual operating systems should not be put together.

OMGstoryLOL July 3, 2012

Adam busts in through the door, “I’m fucking back!”

The imaginary people in the room look around at one another, confused.

Thinking surely, fucking surely they didn’t hear him, he repeats himself: “I’m fucking back!”

He’s panting now. The adrenaline of fucking pure awesome throbbing through his veins. Into his feet and shit, man. It’s wild.

After some silence, one says: “You were gone?”

If Adam were a balloon he would be deflated. FFffffffffzz zzz zz… zzz.

“No. No, I guess I wasn’t,” Adam manages to say despite the growing lump in his throat. The tears welling up in his eyes make it difficult to find the door and leave.






iPhone 3.0 June 12, 2009

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iPhone 3.0 is just ok for now but i did update it a week early so no apps have released push notification and at&t is gay and doesnt support the mms for the iphone just yet…..

Hurricane Ike September 14, 2008

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The Astros/Cubs series scheduled for this weekend  has officially been rescheduled and relocated to Miller Park. The first game will be held tomorrow evening and game 2 to be play on Monday afternoon. The 3rd game will on Sept 29 if necessary in Houston at minute maid. Minute Maid park has no substantial damages but does have some flooding in certain parts of the park.

Reliant Stadium on the otherhand, has many parts of its roof completely destroyed. Sunday’s Texans/Ravens game was orignally rescheduled for monday night, but due the damage to the stadium it will be Nov 9, and the bengals/texans game scheduled for that day will be held Oct 29. With the new schedule, week 2 will be the bye week for both the ravens and the texans.

No word yet if NPPL will still be held next weekend at Reliant Stadium.

Their are reports of 70% power outages in Galveston and the greater houston area, and will be restored hopefully in the next few days.

Ninja Cheerleaders September 12, 2008

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This movie is retarded, it is supposedly a comdey the only part i found funny is zulu’s odd laugh. the movie has these weird transitiion scenes with like 1 second of boobs

OMG ike is coming LOL

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Unfortunately in the next 48 hours huricane ike is suppose to hit the texas coast, postponed all major sporting events in houston/texas.

The Astros have postponed their fri and sat games against the cubs. The clubs are currently discussing moving the games to to a neutral location. The astros are the hottest team since the all-star break, who are on a 6 game wining streak and are 13 games above .500 and only 3 games behind the brewers in the wild card race. Roy O took the mound against the pirates last night and threw a 3hit shutout, and helped himself out with 2rbi’s a single and sac bunt. Roy has thrown 32 1/3 shutout innings in a row and is now the currently astros record holder, and is the first pitcher in the majors in 2008 to throw back to back complete game shut outs. roy is now 15-9 and with webb struggling, cc not having many starts, lincecum is to young to win maybe they will finally give roy a cy young award. Roy has never won a cy young despite have back to back 20win season in 04-05

Texans postponed sundays game against the ravens

Texas football rescheduled saturday’s game again arkansas

Hou Comets postponed sundays game against the monarchs

J. J. Abram’s ‘Fringe’ September 10, 2008

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J. J. Abram’s (Lost, Cloverfield) new show ‘Fringe’ is going to become indecipherable. I can already see the path of complication this beast will take. Watch here for high quality freeness: Fringe on

It was okay. One OMG, two LOL’s: One LOL for casting the kid from Mighty Ducks


Adam xoxo

The Last Theorem

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I’ve finished this book. I’ll give it an OMG because this literary work was not what I expected. It very much had no real plot. I don’t even feel like explaining the plot anymore. So, one OMG.


Adam xoxo

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