OMGstoryLOL July 3, 2012

Adam busts in through the door, “I’m fucking back!”

The imaginary people in the room look around at one another, confused.

Thinking surely, fucking surely they didn’t hear him, he repeats himself: “I’m fucking back!”

He’s panting now. The adrenaline of fucking pure awesome throbbing through his veins. Into his feet and shit, man. It’s wild.

After some silence, one says: “You were gone?”

If Adam were a balloon he would be deflated. FFffffffffzz zzz zz… zzz.

“No. No, I guess I wasn’t,” Adam manages to say despite the growing lump in his throat. The tears welling up in his eyes make it difficult to find the door and leave.






LOLWUT July 25, 2008

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OMGsandiegosLOL June 5, 2008

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A little bit of everything for everyone whales, cubs, oh my

OMG! No more high CPU usage from home page

Astros Day-2 May 27, 2008

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Poor Roy…didn’t get the W

I like decent battery life

OMG astros day 1! LOL

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Chacon’s first decision! a W!

Saves teh heat