Gordon Post April 16, 2013

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Gordon Ramsay must be a dinosaur because he keeps calling everything RAWR. heh





Now, I know what you’re thinking

Stop right there, Adam! Stop right there. You’re too…your jokes are too funny.

You’re right, little guy.

God dammit, you’re right.






Games, guys! Games! February 10, 2013

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Is there a market for twice-pickled pickles? Should be. The idea is very similar to twice-baked bread, except the driving theme involves pickling. Something to mull over!

I watched Roger (my asian friend) play some video games recently. Since I don’t have thumbs, or middle fingers, or index fingers, and I’m technically missing a pinkie, I just watched. It’s not creepy because I mainly watch the person playing, not the game, so it’s not like I’m just lounging around like a perv.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

It’s for children, guys. I don’t know. I fell asleep a lot.

2 OMGS (I guess) and an LOL. They spelled “you’re” as “youer”. I don’t know if they were being eccentric or what. Is this my life now? Watching people play video games while I slip into a depression coma?




Banana, etc. October 3, 2012

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I actually edited this a lot, and this is what’s happened:


This banana tastes like your face looks.


Perfect? Yes, and I’ll tell you why: Is it a butchered compliment? A clumsy insult? It doesn’t matter, because all that really matters is what the person you’re saying it to thinks about what you think bananas taste like. Telepathy. I’m pro telepathy.

Preparing Dried Beans September 29, 2012

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I recently came across four pounds of dried pinto beans, and being the Scientist that I am, I used Science and stuff to learn how to prepare (cook) them. I used this complex method which involves accessing the Google search function, and I typed in “how to prepare dried pinto beans”.

This article came up:

Interestingly enough OH MY GOD IM SO BORING


A Joke (2012) September 28, 2012

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It goes something like this

Person 1: Do you know who I yam?

Person 2: Potato?

I’m not done with it yet

Bug Wars July 20, 2012

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So I found this:

It’s….it’s great. It’s about bugs fighting. I know, I know.

You: Why didn’t this happen sooner, Adam?!


And they take it pretty seriously too (As they should, right? Right?). There was a post recently by one of the three thousand people subscribed about recent subject matter. To paraphrase, he wanted more quality fighting (As in ants vs. termites) not bugs just catching meals (as in spider vs. moth). Yeah.

Needless to say, while clearly wasting my time, I managed to find something truly amazing. Enjoy that. Enjoy the fuck out of that.

3000000 OMG’s 9000000 LOL’s


Also, if you google “define: gigabyte” click the audio pronunciation, and prepare to fall in love.





OMGstoryLOL July 3, 2012

Adam busts in through the door, “I’m fucking back!”

The imaginary people in the room look around at one another, confused.

Thinking surely, fucking surely they didn’t hear him, he repeats himself: “I’m fucking back!”

He’s panting now. The adrenaline of fucking pure awesome throbbing through his veins. Into his feet and shit, man. It’s wild.

After some silence, one says: “You were gone?”

If Adam were a balloon he would be deflated. FFffffffffzz zzz zz… zzz.

“No. No, I guess I wasn’t,” Adam manages to say despite the growing lump in his throat. The tears welling up in his eyes make it difficult to find the door and leave.






General dumbassery is back on schedule June 12, 2012

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If you can’t tell from the barrage of quality posts, (the best movie, and other stuff, review site to ever exist) is back and probably just as terrible before.

But as long as we incite outrage from random internet dumbasses or inform complete idiots what us complete idiots think about stuff and junk, we’ve done a bang up job in our book.

Poney Pictures September 21, 2009

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So, should this site just start being updated with pictures of people on the poneys?

OMGolympixLOL August 16, 2008

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Phelps wins gold again in 100m Fly by .01 over Serbian Cavic, tying the record of most gold medals in an Olympics (7)

Michael Phelps <<Click James’s new website

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