88 Minutes April 5, 2008

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So I got some complaints of my last review being so long so I’ll try to make this one quick.

88 Minustes doesn’t come out until April 18, 2008 but I’m awesome and I saw it already. The main character is played by Al Pacino so thats was cool but there are some other recognizable faces in the movie but they do a bad job of acting. Pacino plays the role of a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI which is even cooler. OMG for that. He gets stalked by a crazy person and little twists happen throughout the movie which I thought were good.This movie is not a shoot ’em up type of flick but overall it was a pretty good thriller/suspense to watch although Pacino’s hair in the movie bothered me.

I don’t know what the rating system goes by so for future references, mine will be on a scale of 10. That being said, I give this movie 6 OMgs and a OM.

PS: This was written with the unix. Hooray for free BSDeez

PPS: I haven’t found any other reviews out for this movie yet so I could possibly be the first person to post or write a review about this movie. HELLZ YEAH!!!!11!!

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