Panic At The Disco – Pretty. Fail. April 21, 2008

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patd-fail-sized.jpgIt’s bad that their first song they have to devote to an apology to the fans for sucking so much. Really? Do you just have no confidence in yourself? I mean, I know you’re supposed to be all ’emo’ and all. Read generic mainstream pop, and not pop punk like all this MTV would have you believe, because that’s actually good, e.g. Ramones. They’re just like the generic Boys Like Girls or All Time Low. You know, repetition and high-pitched, whiny singers with songs with no real content. But anyways, have at least some confidence in yourself. At least say you’re going to do something badass, and not just lie about who you are.

Still the same band? Bullshit. Remember Brent Wilson, that guy you kinda (allegedly) fucked over? Yeah, you see he was part of the band, now he isn’t, therefore the band isn’t the same, by fucking definition of the word ‘same.’ Look it up in the dictionary. You should be able to afford one.

Also, remember how you used to spell your own fucking name? You really don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘same.’ And did you guys even listen to it beforehand? Does it sound anything like you? No. It sounds like a bad rip off of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Band.

And busy spending time writing songs? Also bullshit. You started writing it in July 2007. You actually spent your time doing shows, making lots of money, and selling out. The writing of the music was just a very short time frame.

Then you get to their lyrical genius.

Clouds are marching along,
singing a song, just like they do.
If the clouds were singing a song,
I’d sing along, wouldn’t you too?

Hey, I know, let’s just completely contradict what I just said. That’ll surely make sense. Also, CLOUDS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Then there’s ‘Folkin’ Around.’ Apparently, everyone believes that this is the w0rst s0ng ev4r!!11!!2 I don’t think it’s the worst song, but it’s just that they tried to make it a serious song. Not serious as in it’s message or lyrics (they couldn’t do that), but the fact that it isn’t a bonus track or even an intermission song. If it was one of those, good. Half of the reason I listen to Asteria’s Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable is because of the awesome (awesomely ridiculous) bonus track, and part of the reason I like Hot Rod Circuit’s The Underground Is A Dying Breed, since I was looking for that bonus track.

This could be really long with just me making fun of pretty much everything about this and them, but, you see, I’m lazy, fat and only eat french fries. Which may be true, but it definitely doesn’t change the quality of the album.

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Are you missing anything by never listening to it? No. Not at all.

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