Week 2 of second round December 16, 2016

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CT is up by 45 points going into Sunday, its going to be tough for Chaz to make a combeback.

Gina is down by 25 points and I don’t think she will be able to make it up. Even with Jer starting an inactive Julio, Gina’s weak WR showing, and lackluster RB play, she dug herself into deep of a whole.

I expect a old dad championship with Jer and CT

In the winner’s consolation bracket, “the battle of the whitey’s who semi-matter” they have scored points but no one really cares. No money is rewarded to the winner

the consolation ladder

Chad is up by 45.5 points after a crappy Thursday Night Football game. Chad is predicted to win. Armory is down by 9 but according the projections, he will win but 18.

Chad vs Amory for the whopping $20 prize for the best loser of the 2016 bolshet games.

The Srinivasa Bowl, Jer P vs Jody P, no body cares. Surprisingly these two score more points now without changing there lineups since week 4. 3 wins combined between these 2 but they have put a lot of scare into their opponents.



The purpose of this post was to test a iPad Pro 12″ with a Smart Keyboard. (Its not bad to type on, its a pretty natural transition. No mouse/trackpad is a little bit annoying. Having to use chrome to split screen, would be really nice if i could split screen two safari windows. Guess what! You can!) I guess this is kind of cool for wordpress blogging, would probably still want a surface pro or a MacBook for more functionality.

This is within the, looks like you can’t make one side bigger than the other. The chrome and safari might be a little bettter for some.


Side note:

There are apparently two version of Barney’s “I Love You” song. One version with the show “Barney and the Backyard Gang” and another with “Barney and Friends.” Either way I was singing the song wrong. I would have incorrectly sang the second verse of the seoncd version.