Week 10 Review November 15, 2016

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Week 10

CT locks up a playoff spot and round 1 bye, 2 teams vying for 2nd place still, 3 of the 5 4th placers lose, Jer P somehow loses to a QBless team, and the dark horese is still alive.

(playoff comments are for current standing)

Jody (2-8) @ Jer P (1-9)

Holy CRAP! Did no see this coming, Jody with the upset. Big scores from Jody’s Cowboys allowed him to overcome a BYE week QB. Jer P might want to try the “Jody” strategy he might win more games.

Was completely wrong here.

Prediction: Jeremy will get enough points from DHop and Cousins to beat a QBless Jody.

no playoff implications in this game

Matt (4-6) @ Chris (5-5)

Chris loses by one point. Its been a tough two weeks for Chris, two losses by only 3.5 points. Chris has dropped all the way to last “6th” place from last “4th.” Surprisingly less whiney this week.

3Mariota=2Bortles, although Matt didn’t use him. OBJ scores 20 and Evans and Ingram did didley. I sort of right but mostly wrong

Chris is the least likely to make the play offs of the non Matts and JPs

Prediction: Mariota and Bortles Tie,  Chris wins this game with OBJ(>20pts) and Evans if healthy. Ingram will help him acquire the points needed , but only if he goes “Latavius” on the Broncos.

Chris needs to win, score a lot of points, and a chad loss

James (5-5) @ Chad (5-5)

Chad pull off the upset to stay alive in the playoff picture. Riding Blount all the way to a current play off spot.

Gurley continued to be a nobody, Gordon and Rivers didn’t put up that many points. Palmer and Green did “meh.”

James out and Chad in

Prediction: James wins by less than 10 points. Gurley will continue being a guy, but Gordon and Rivers will score many points. Green and Palmer will be Chad’s highscorers.

James wins and he’s in; Chad needs to win and losses from others

Jer L (6-4) @ Chazz (6-4)

Chazz upsets Jer. Mediocre performances from Brady and lackluster RB play from Jer couldn’t handle Chazz’s 2 WRs.

I was wrong here Jones was kind of Jonesish, Brady was taken down by the Seahawks.

Jer still in, Chazz in.

Prediction: Brady and Julio will outscore Ajayi enough to bring Jer the Win in a low scoring affair.

Jer already in the playoffs; Chazz needs a win, points and a chad loss

Amory (6-4) @ Kenny (7-3)

Kenny loses by a controversial call in the Pats game, a TD by Gronk would have gotten him the tie maybe more. Amory upsets the #1 team, ZEKE is a monster and could carry Amory to the championship.

It was a high scoring, I chose the wrong winner.

Kenny has put his bye week up for grabs with Amory, Chazz, and Jer L eyeing it. Amory moves up one spot in the playoff picture.

Prediction: Kenny wins this high scoring match up. Murray runs all over GB, Elliott continues his Rookie of the Year campaign each will score 20+

Kenny is in; Amory needs to match the 4th placers and a chad loss

Gina (5-5) @ CT (8-2)

CT’s RBs gave CT the win over Gina. Gina fielded a WR not suited up for the game but Floyd wouldn’t have saved her. CT had 5 players over 20pts thats hard for any team to overcome.

I was right, but it was a dominate performance by CT.

CT moves back into 1st place.  Gina loses her way out of a playoff position.

Prediction: CT wins a close one, his team matchups are just too easy to not score enough points.

CT in the playoffs unless a shitstorm happens; Gina needs to stay on pace with others and a chad loss

I’m way wrong here: current playoff picture: CT (win) Kenny (loss) Jer L (loss) Amory (win) Chazz (win) Chad (win)

James, Gina, Chris still have a chance

Playoff Prediction (next two weeks)

1 Kenny (2-0)

2 Jer L (2-0)

3 CT (0-2)

4. Gina (2-0)

5. Chad (2-0)

6. James (1-1)

Amory, Chazz, and Chris (1-1) but do not score enough points to break a tie

Chris will whine like usual, and pretend to have forgotten his paypal password. Then will continue his streak of consecutive months with out hanging out.

Bonus Predictions: 

NFL (2-1): Texans Win exactly how I predicted; I was wrong and the Eagles Win; Cowboys win a highscoring affair.

College (3-3): Alabama Rolled: Michigan is upset and lose their QB; Washington loses a semi-close game; OU rolls BU, Seth dangles his ankle in defeat; Aggie loses a close one; Of course Texas Loses

NFL: Texans Win by <7, Brock continues to be a dissapointment; Eagles Lose; Cowboys win;

College: Alabama and Michigan Roll on; Washington wins a close one; Baylor upsets OU; Aggie loses Ole’ Miss; Texas turns the ball over, and loses to WVU

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