There Was A Box May 12, 2008

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I will review two bands and a solo artist.

1. the Matches:

This group of four recently (relatively) released their new Album, entitled: A Band In Hope. It sounds like ‘Abandon hope’ if you say it outloud to yourself. The first song is strange. However, the second song, “Their City”, is deserving of four OMG’s as it is good. As is “Clouds Crash”. For these alone I listen to it. Fortunately, there are more.

Rating: Seven out of Fourteen OMG’s, and one LOL. If you comprehend the english language you will find some lyrics to be amusing in regards to choice of word. Intentional or not, I can not say.

2. Babyshambles:

The four people consisting of Babyshambles recently (October 2007) released an Album, entitled: “Shotter’s Nation”. Many of the songs are well received by the ears. Some parts may be strange and lacking in melody, but for the most part, a very mellow and smooth musical album. All songs go with one another and are better for it. A very well crafted album, songs aside.

Rating: Nine out of Twelve OMG’s, although I will not find myself listening to it exclusively for very long.

3. Yelle:

French female who sort of sings. One of her songs was featured on HBO’s show Entourage whilst the troupe was traipsing through their adventures at Cannes Film Festival. Her first hit song was making fun of some french dude’s dick. (Song is “Je Veux Te Voir”). “Ce Jeu” is a joyous infusion of spoken-word and techno-beat (song).

Rating: Four out of Twelve OMG’s.

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