The Tortoise December 15, 2007

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Evidently, it was too much for the poor Toroise to handle.
“I’m soOooO sad!” he cried.
“Why, whatever for?” asked the Turtle-dove.
“I want wings like you’ve got!” he exclaimed, furious and sad all at once.
The Turtle-dove examined his wings and nodded.
“They are quite wonderful now that you mention it,” he said.
“Why can’t I have wings too!” cried the Tortoise, thinking the whole thing was terribly unfair. “Why, were both turtles of a sort aren’t we? Or is a Tortoise so much different than all that?”
“Silly tortoise!” said the Turtle-dove laughing. “Why, I’m not even a turtle to begin with!”

the scene ends with much loling and rofl’s.

I’m going to review the Golden Compass soon. Or the “Polar Express” as I would have the box office ticket vendor believe.

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