IP Man (2008) July 4, 2012

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So, in this rehash of the Superman film franchise, we find our hero in World War II China (the city is named Foshan). I am thoroughly confused as to why the writers chose China, as I (in my hubris, apparently) assumed Superman was an American superhero. You’ll also notice immediately that they’ve done away with the Clark Kent disguise for some reason. Whatever. Crazy Hollywood (Hong Kong…wood?) at it again.

Superman is clearly a douche for working in a coal mine for so long while his country languishes under the evil Japanese alien overlords. He could easily have saved the day at any point, being Superman and possessing such limitless power. Unless the coal is kryptonite now? Maybe it wasn’t coal at all…dun dun dunnnnn. That’s pretty smart actually — putting Superman to work in a kryptonite mine.

Anyways, he gets upset or something and decides to be Superman again and fights like a billion people at once and stuff, etc. Then finally, who I assume to be General Zod (thanks wikipedia) comes out and challenges him to a one-on-one fight. At this point in the movie the outcome is painfully obvious, because:

1.) Superman never dies

2.) Superman has yet to lose a fight in the film thus far

Oh…wait. Spoiler? I don’t know. Too late!

So anyways, Grade: Two LOL’s and an OMG ’cause I didn’t think they’d make another Superman movie anytime soon.


Here’s the IMDb page for this film

Aaaaand you can watch it on now


America. Fuck yeah!

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