Hurricane? More like HurriLAME LOLOLOL September 14, 2008

Filed under: OMG WTF LOL — Adam @ 12:51 am

Hurricane Ike did this:

Aside from that, this OMGreporterLOL was without power for several painful hours. All I could do was wonder at what the outside world was doing; what new technology was being discovered and fostered without my assistance and knowledge? what new race of sea-dwelling intelligent creatures had been found on our planetary cousin, Mars? Alas, this OMGreporterLOL was in the dark — literally and figuratively.

Just as all hope was beginning to fade, just as I could make out the faint silhouette of a pale horse and its grim master beckoning me to the Great Beyond, power returned! The faint glow of my bedside lamp lured me back to my bed, where I vigorously masturbated to my collection of hand-drawn “Jody” pictures. Welcome to the jungle.



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