Golden Compass? January 30, 2008

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I missed last caturday, unfortunately. There’s always next time (until 2012, I understand).

On to the movie!

I saw this with Jody at the Rim. It’s an unfortunate name for a place, but that wasn’t my decision. I would’ve named it something…different.

Now I’ve read the books in this series, titled ‘His Dark Materials’ — the Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife, and the Amber Spyglass. Now I thought Mr. Pullman was writing a ‘young adult’ novel here — It was labeled so, anyways. The first novel is innocent enough, but you start to get the gist of what he’s actually up to in the second book. Say what you want about him and his writing, but the man aims high, sending children to kill God and whatnot.

But the movie…I thought the book was put together as more of a vehicle for the author’s ideas in the first place, as opposed to a masterpiece of the english language. I had heard the Golden Compass (movie) was good, but it seemed to go by so FUCKING fast. I thought my attention span was shot to shit already, but jesus! That’s all I really care to say. It sticks to the book mostly, and adapts it as well as any movie I’ve seen can — except at the end. It seems they left that part out for the inevitable sequel. I’m also a little tired of Gandalf being in every movie (he’s the polar bear). meow.

 I’ll give it two OMG’s for the asthetically pleasing cast, three OMG’s for them actually making this rediculous movie. I can’t wait for reactions when they start unveiling the purpose of the movie. One LOL for that situation. I’m sure much rofling will ensue. An additional OMG for entertaining me for a while.

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