Epic Fail March 29, 2008

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<omgmovieslol> hey
<omgmovieslol> when i change the resolution in gnome, it doesnt change
<omgmovieslol> any help would be appreciated
≡ _static_/#FreeBSDHelp yawns
<omgmovies> *immense woe*
<omgmovies> ’twas a real question
<omgmovies> vague, but true
<omgmovies> the unix community is cold and unix
<omgmovies> i lack the emoticons to express what im feeling right now
<omgmovies> ..ill just wait my OVERLY LARGE SCREEN
<omgmovies> i would yawn, but my screen encompasses my entire life
<omgmovies> that is how large it is
<omgmovies> not the screen itself
<omgmovies> but the resolution
<omgmovies> hence, my problem
<omgmovies> im getting the impression that everyone, save mr. yawn, has been
idle for four years
≡ omgmovies/#freebsdhelp puts on wizard hat and robe
<omgmovies> because as of right now, unix is magic
<omgmovies> UNTANGIBLE
∙φ∙ asdfqwer [[email protected]] has joined #FreeBSDHelp
<omgmovies> hey guy
<omgmovies> you
<omgmovies> you who just joined
<omgmovies> i speak to you
<omgmovies> youre probably composing a response
<omgmovies> i will allow time
<omgmovies> okay.
<omgmovies> i must see your response
<omgmovies> the lack of conversation will drive me insane
<Skinjob> maybe you need to do a better job coniguring xorg?
<omgmovies> omg
<omgmovies> i love you
<omgmovies> xorg refuses to be “there”
<Skinjob> and I think you change resolution with alt and ctrl on the left side
of the keyboard and then the plus and minus on the number pad
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∙φ∙ omgmovies [[email protected]] has joined
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<omgmovies> unfortunately, the n00b i am, i left
<omgmovies> accidently
<omgmovies> any other ideas?
<omgmovies> my god.
<omgmovies> i will return
<omgmovies> i have an idea!
<_static_> is it using screen and a CLI irc client?
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<omgmovies> hi
<omgmovies> im back!
<omgmovies> my idea failed
<omgmovies> as you all probably guessed
<omgmovies> (mr. yawn)
<omgmovies> so any ideas would be much appreciated
<omgmovies> i reckon i’d be mighty greatful
<omgmovies> grateful
<omgmovies> oh dear, first poor resolution, now typos!
<omgmovies> we changed xorg.conf so that it would provide us with the correct
output. unfortunately, it does not work.
<omgmovies> by ‘we’ i mean ‘i’…since im not one to have multiple
<omgmovies> ’bout them stros
<omgmovies> where art thou help-guy?
<omgmovies> topic: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here
<maaaarius> 🙂
<omgmovies> :]
<omgmovies> any ideas?
<maaaarius> i use the command line, sorry 🙂
<omgmovies> oh my
<omgmovies> this is like a time capsule to 1980
<omgmovies> interestingly enough, i was not yet a fetus then
<omgmovies> more to the point, please help
<maaaarius> i just haven’t had the time to try anything else yet…
<omgmovies> :]
<omgmovies> take your time
<maaaarius> give me a few more years :p
<omgmovies> i guess five more years cant hurt
<maaaarius> it’s in the middle of the night… we sleep
<maaaarius> sometimes
<omgmovies> wtf is sleep
<maaaarius> i can’t remember
<omgmovies> im listening to this weird dude ‘freestyle’ on guitar
<omgmovies> weird dude
<omgmovies> celery helps you stay awake
<omgmovies> so does everyone use command line here
<omgmovies> hows a girl going to get help?
∙φ∙ static__ is now known as SteveHolt
<omgmovies> ^_^
<maaaarius> probably not
<omgmovies> my young quivering, supple, nubile teen body aches for the
assistance i require
<maaaarius> tried google? 🙂
<omgmovies> oh yes
∙φ∙ SteveHolt is now known as Annyong
<omgmovies> tried the hell out of google
<omgmovies> google is tired from the effort
<maaaarius> sad
<omgmovies> ;[
<billy> omgmovies: you need to change your nick to “hotblonde14f”
<omgmovies> keke
∙φ∙ omgmovies is now known as hotblonde
<hotblonde> ^^
<hotblonde> my linux bear eats honey, but my unix bear is too big to fit IN
<hotblonde> seriously
<hotblonde> anyone want to offer an idea
<hotblonde> SOMETHING
<hotblonde> preferably delicious
<maaaarius> reconfigure :p
<skt> restart?
<maaaarius> i rather die than restart
<maaaarius> but it’s a suggestion
<maaaarius> always worked on windows :p
<hotblonde> non c’est mal
<hotblonde> there is a light in my perky breast-pocket
<zi> the mist == horrible movie
<Annyong> ANNYONG
∙φ∙ Annyong was kicked off #FreeBSDHelp by zi (capslockfailure)
<hotblonde> um..this is a freebsd room
∙φ∙ Annyong [[email protected]] has joined #FreeBSDHelp
<zi> static
<zi> wtf
<hotblonde> not a ‘mist was terrible’ room
<_static_> yes?
<zi> hotblonde: shampoo my balls
<hotblonde> if you had any, i might
<zi> k
<hotblonde> but my supple young hands have yet to find them
<zi> well
<zi> the mist sucked
<zi> hotblonde: and there are no “rooms” on irc.
<hotblonde> ive restarted more times than a cheap crack whores been to an std clinic
<hotblonde> do you talk to people when no one cares about what you say
<hotblonde> because it seems like that
∙φ∙ mode/#freebsdhelp [+b *!*omgmovies@*] by zi
∙φ∙ hotblonde was kicked off #FreeBSDHelp by zi (night)
∙φ∙ movieslol [[email protected]] has joined #freebsdhelp
<movieslol> that was rude, sir.
∙φ∙ SignOff movieslol: #freebsdhelp (Killed (zi (how’s this?)))
<_static_> ban evasion is bad
<_static_> damn you zi
∙φ∙ mode/#freebsdhelp [+b *!*] by zi
<zi> <3


∙φ∙ Channel #windows2003 was created at Fri Jan 10 21:58:10 2003
∙φ∙ BitchX: Join to #windows2003 was synched in 0.209 secs!!
<movieslol> zi is a meany
<Zasz> k
>>> You have been killed by zi for[]!!pix.firewall!zi!zi
∙φ∙ movieslol [[email protected]] has joined
(Zasz/#windows2003) i was in the middle of a conversation there zi.
∙φ∙ BitchX: Join to #windows2003 was synched in 4.366 secs!!
<Zasz> movieslol
<zi> oh ok zasz
<Zasz> what should we do to him
<zi> carry on
<movieslol> meany :[
<Zasz> listen
<Zasz> man up
<Zasz> stop whining
<Zasz> ok
<zi> zasz == detective john kimble
∙φ∙ skt [[email protected]] has joined #windows2003
<Zasz> type /nick wussbag and zi will leave you alone
≡ naphtali/#windows2003 points and says Stranger
<movieslol> zi = poor boy
<movieslol> poor mean spirited boy
<Zasz> he’s poor? 🙁
<Zasz> I don’t see how his financial situation relates to this
<naphtali> Zasz, is that a pet ferret in your pocket?
<movieslol> poor was in regards to his state of spirit, not finance
<Zasz> oh
<movieslol> i just wanted me some freebsd help
<Zasz> could it be due to people like you
<movieslol> mr zi had to rain on my parade
<movieslol> my poor supple nubile parade
<Zasz> what did you ask
∙φ∙ mode/#windows2003 [+o zi] by Cerveza
<movieslol> i was having a resolution problem
<Zasz> DNS resolution
<Zasz> wasn’t that days ago
∙φ∙ mode/#windows2003 [+b *!*] by zi
>>> You have been kicked off #windows2003 by Debian (Banned)
∙φ∙ movieslol was kicked off #windows2003 by Debian (Banned)
∙φ∙ mode/#windows2003 [-o zi] by zi
<zi> goddamn fan club
<Zasz> :I
<naphtali> Party is over
<naphtali> Everyone go home
<Zasz> why’d you ban him
<e-vad> Zasz: where u gettin ur beans from nowadays?
<zi> i see no reason for people from other channels to bring their problems here simply because it’s -s 😛

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