Bikini Spring Break January 21, 2013

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This will be a live review. My thoughts while I watch what I assume will be a masterpiece.

Update 1: 5 seconds in. Boobs

Update 2: oh a camera? I bet they’re going to “accidentally” film nakedness.

Update 3: and called it.

update 4: chanting of boobies. +1 to LOLs

update 5: lulz. Small penis jokes

update 6: they’re excited they drove through Houston. There goes the believability.

update 7: “a spring…..break?” Umm really? Also, pretty sure that’s a diesel

update 8: guess that’s part of the plot. Don’t know why that caused swerving everywhere though

update 9: dumbass one seems like the best character. Also really hot

update 10: useless ass grab. +.25 to LOLs

update 11: been a while since we showed some boobs. Strip club scene it is

update 12: its 5 people. Get pretty much any car

update 13: oh there are 69 instruments in it. Missed that part I guess. Also lololololol 69

update 14: electrical fires do not work that way. Good night

update 15: obviously have to get rid of the bra. It’s $30

update 16: so why did he get pulled over? Way to leave that unresolved

update 17: meet these 2 random bros in a strip club and now they’re running everything. Come on

update 18: random cop bro doesn’t know how to put on handcuffs

update 19: and he’s still treated like a nerd

update 20: order of hotness:

  1. bossy one
  2. stupid one
  3. bitchy one
  4. the ginger
  5. the other one

update 21: anti spring break chick can take number 2 or 3 spot

update 22: and jokes about retards. This movies got everything

update 23: random Mexican time operator probably the best character ever

update 24: oh noes. Evil old businessman

update 25: cop car=beige crown vic with hazards on

update 26: OMG RAIN!!!1! Or some cut grass blown in front of the camera while its super bright outside

update 27: good thing that guy was just walking around. Not cleaning up anything just walking around holding a box of trophies

update 28: ending: what? But it was shut down?

Also what about the other band members? Dead I assume.

And revenge of the nerds dude had a car with Florida plates instead of wherever they live

final review: kinda entertaining. Really stupid. You never see anti spring break chicks boobs. Not good, but also not terrible

1.5 OMGs
2 LOLs

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