Pokémon the Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram and White—Victini and Zekrom February 27, 2013

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Not really a review, more of just James and I talking during the movie via the interwebz.

me: so im watching the new pokemon movie; you would think that after 12-14 years of not being able to capture pikachu, jessie, james and meowth would call it quits

also ash doesnt seem to be on a good track to being a pokemon master

using ember against a water type pokemon….noob

james: Yeah but ash always picks some random so he can learn the lesson that water put out fire

me: seems like the people of the pokemon universe don’t learn quickly

james: Also shouldn’t ash be in his 20s by now. I feel like he’s still like 13. Probably why he doesn’t learn very quickly

me: i think his voice is slightly deeper so maybe like 15

the pokemon on the cover of black and white are dragon type?

they look like birds

james: Yeah. I never got that far though. And pretty sure they looked like dragons

me: the white one looks like a bird

the black one looks like a black reptar

james: Slightly. But it’s got hands on its wings

Apparently the white on is fire. It’s not even red that doesn’t make sense

me: white fire

super hot

so hot he’s legendary

james: Ah makes sense

Cod? Or you too busy watching the poke mans

me: i can pause the pocket monsters

oh, googled this pokeman movie and apparently it’s a 2movie pack and I only have 1

black and white

judging by the cover, it’s 2 different stories

Wreck It Ralph February 19, 2013

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I was slightly disappointed in this movie. The commercials made it seem cool but it isn’t all that great. If I paid to watch this in theaters, I would’ve felt as if it wasn’t worth my money. What also disappointed me was that during the Skrillex cameo, there were no wubs or unces.

Overall, there were a couple of funny moments but it just wasn’t what I expected the movie to be.


Safe August 24, 2012

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This is your standard Jason Statham movie. He runs around kicking ass and being awesome in the attempts to save a little Chinese girl. Plenty of action and a decent, yet predictable story.

5 OMGs and 2LOLs (chuckled at 2 or 3 scenes)

The Babymakers August 11, 2012

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The latest movie from Broken Lizard. Hour and a half of jizz jokes. Roughly thirty minutes of it showoff Olivia Munn’s sex appeal. Mediocre boob scenes (Same boobs, different times and unfortunately not Olivia Munn boobs).

2 OMGs  2 LOLs

Casa de mi Padre July 18, 2012

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Cheesy, poorly made telenovela in movie form starring Will Ferrell.

2 LOLs 2 OMGs

omglivingroomlol July 26, 2008

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The Dark Knight July 25, 2008

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awesome, to the max with added bonus of a dead guy.

Astros Day-2 May 27, 2008

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Poor Roy…didn’t get the W

I like decent battery life

Grand Theft Auto IV May 5, 2008

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Hi, my name is Jody and I’m addicted to GTA IV. I picked this up at midnight Tuesday morning and pretty much have been playing non stop. I got the special edition which comes with a badass duffel bag, rockstar key chain, a cd, an art book, and a safety deposit box. The game is incredibly fun. It has definitely one-upped the previous GTA games even though it’s the same game but all the little things are what makes it so awesome; such as taking a taxi wherever you like, using the internets, and the realistic features of being drunk. Online play is mediocre, mainly because you get disconnected quite often but the modes for online play are entertaining. There’s deathmatch and missions. There are others but I haven’t played them yet so I don’t know what they are.

Basically, if you have a PS3 or an xbox 360, get the fucking game. Possibly game of the year, many game sites gave it a perfect 10.

88 Minutes April 5, 2008

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So I got some complaints of my last review being so long so I’ll try to make this one quick.

88 Minustes doesn’t come out until April 18, 2008 but I’m awesome and I saw it already. The main character is played by Al Pacino so thats was cool but there are some other recognizable faces in the movie but they do a bad job of acting. Pacino plays the role of a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI which is even cooler. OMG for that. He gets stalked by a crazy person and little twists happen throughout the movie which I thought were good.This movie is not a shoot ’em up type of flick but overall it was a pretty good thriller/suspense to watch although Pacino’s hair in the movie bothered me.

I don’t know what the rating system goes by so for future references, mine will be on a scale of 10. That being said, I give this movie 6 OMgs and a OM.

PS: This was written with the unix. Hooray for free BSDeez

PPS: I haven’t found any other reviews out for this movie yet so I could possibly be the first person to post or write a review about this movie. HELLZ YEAH!!!!11!!

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