1guy1brush May 27, 2008

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[01:01] <@sk33t> 1guy1brush
[01:01] <@sk33t> thers shit in the toilet
[01:02] <@sk33t> he takes his toothbrush to the shit
[01:02] <@eclipse20> is there i havent seen it
[01:02] <@sk33t> gets a nice amount on their
[01:02] <@sk33t> proceeds to brush his teeth with that
[01:02] <@sk33t> overall, uneventful
[01:02] <@eclipse20> should post that on omg
[01:02] <@sk33t> not worse than 2girls1cup, but kinda disguisting
[01:03] <@eclipse20> review of 1guy1brush

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