Epic Fail March 29, 2008

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<omgmovieslol> hey
<omgmovieslol> when i change the resolution in gnome, it doesnt change
<omgmovieslol> any help would be appreciated
≡ _static_/#FreeBSDHelp yawns
<omgmovies> *immense woe*
<omgmovies> ’twas a real question
<omgmovies> vague, but true
<omgmovies> the unix community is cold and unix
<omgmovies> i lack the emoticons to express what im feeling right now
<omgmovies> ..ill just wait my OVERLY LARGE SCREEN
<omgmovies> i would yawn, but my screen encompasses my entire life
<omgmovies> that is how large it is
<omgmovies> not the screen itself
<omgmovies> but the resolution
<omgmovies> hence, my problem
<omgmovies> im getting the impression that everyone, save mr. yawn, has been
idle for four years
≡ omgmovies/#freebsdhelp puts on wizard hat and robe
<omgmovies> because as of right now, unix is magic
<omgmovies> UNTANGIBLE
∙φ∙ asdfqwer [[email protected]] has joined #FreeBSDHelp
<omgmovies> hey guy
<omgmovies> you
<omgmovies> you who just joined
<omgmovies> i speak to you
<omgmovies> youre probably composing a response
<omgmovies> i will allow time
<omgmovies> okay.
<omgmovies> i must see your response
<omgmovies> the lack of conversation will drive me insane
<Skinjob> maybe you need to do a better job coniguring xorg?
<omgmovies> omg
<omgmovies> i love you
<omgmovies> xorg refuses to be “there”
<Skinjob> and I think you change resolution with alt and ctrl on the left side
of the keyboard and then the plus and minus on the number pad
∙φ∙ SignOff omgmovies: #freebsdhelp (BitchX-1.1-final — just do it.)
∙φ∙ omgmovies [[email protected]] has joined
∙φ∙ SignOff asdfqwer: #freebsdhelp (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<omgmovies> unfortunately, the n00b i am, i left
<omgmovies> accidently
<omgmovies> any other ideas?
<omgmovies> my god.
<omgmovies> i will return
<omgmovies> i have an idea!
<_static_> is it using screen and a CLI irc client?
∙φ∙ SignOff omgmovies: #freebsdhelp (BitchX-1.1-final — just do it.)
∙φ∙ SignOff freebsdmf: #omgmovieslol (BitchX-1.1-final — just do it.)
∙φ∙ SignOff hyperlink: #freebsdhelp ()
∙φ∙ omgmovies [[email protected]] has joined
<omgmovies> hi
<omgmovies> im back!
<omgmovies> my idea failed
<omgmovies> as you all probably guessed
<omgmovies> (mr. yawn)
<omgmovies> so any ideas would be much appreciated
<omgmovies> i reckon i’d be mighty greatful
<omgmovies> grateful
<omgmovies> oh dear, first poor resolution, now typos!
<omgmovies> we changed xorg.conf so that it would provide us with the correct
output. unfortunately, it does not work.
<omgmovies> by ‘we’ i mean ‘i’…since im not one to have multiple
<omgmovies> ’bout them stros
<omgmovies> where art thou help-guy?
<omgmovies> topic: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here
<maaaarius> 🙂
<omgmovies> :]
<omgmovies> any ideas?
<maaaarius> i use the command line, sorry 🙂
<omgmovies> oh my
<omgmovies> this is like a time capsule to 1980
<omgmovies> interestingly enough, i was not yet a fetus then
<omgmovies> more to the point, please help
<maaaarius> i just haven’t had the time to try anything else yet…
<omgmovies> :]
<omgmovies> take your time
<maaaarius> give me a few more years :p
<omgmovies> i guess five more years cant hurt
<maaaarius> it’s in the middle of the night… we sleep
<maaaarius> sometimes
<omgmovies> wtf is sleep
<maaaarius> i can’t remember
<omgmovies> im listening to this weird dude ‘freestyle’ on guitar
<omgmovies> weird dude
<omgmovies> celery helps you stay awake
<omgmovies> so does everyone use command line here
<omgmovies> hows a girl going to get help?
∙φ∙ static__ is now known as SteveHolt
<omgmovies> ^_^
<maaaarius> probably not
<omgmovies> my young quivering, supple, nubile teen body aches for the
assistance i require
<maaaarius> tried google? 🙂
<omgmovies> oh yes
∙φ∙ SteveHolt is now known as Annyong
<omgmovies> tried the hell out of google
<omgmovies> google is tired from the effort
<maaaarius> sad
<omgmovies> ;[
<billy> omgmovies: you need to change your nick to “hotblonde14f”
<omgmovies> keke
∙φ∙ omgmovies is now known as hotblonde
<hotblonde> ^^
<hotblonde> my linux bear eats honey, but my unix bear is too big to fit IN
<hotblonde> seriously
<hotblonde> anyone want to offer an idea
<hotblonde> SOMETHING
<hotblonde> preferably delicious
<maaaarius> reconfigure :p
<skt> restart?
<maaaarius> i rather die than restart
<maaaarius> but it’s a suggestion
<maaaarius> always worked on windows :p
<hotblonde> non c’est mal
<hotblonde> there is a light in my perky breast-pocket
<zi> the mist == horrible movie
<Annyong> ANNYONG
∙φ∙ Annyong was kicked off #FreeBSDHelp by zi (capslockfailure)
<hotblonde> um..this is a freebsd room
∙φ∙ Annyong [[email protected]] has joined #FreeBSDHelp
<zi> static
<zi> wtf
<hotblonde> not a ‘mist was terrible’ room
<_static_> yes?
<zi> hotblonde: shampoo my balls
<hotblonde> if you had any, i might
<zi> k
<hotblonde> but my supple young hands have yet to find them
<zi> well
<zi> the mist sucked
<zi> hotblonde: and there are no “rooms” on irc.
<hotblonde> ive restarted more times than a cheap crack whores been to an std clinic
<hotblonde> do you talk to people when no one cares about what you say
<hotblonde> because it seems like that
∙φ∙ mode/#freebsdhelp [+b *!*[email protected]*] by zi
∙φ∙ hotblonde was kicked off #FreeBSDHelp by zi (night)
∙φ∙ movieslol [[email protected]] has joined #freebsdhelp
<movieslol> that was rude, sir.
∙φ∙ SignOff movieslol: #freebsdhelp (Killed (zi (how’s this?)))
<_static_> ban evasion is bad
<_static_> damn you zi
∙φ∙ mode/#freebsdhelp [+b *!*] by zi
<zi> <3


∙φ∙ Channel #windows2003 was created at Fri Jan 10 21:58:10 2003
∙φ∙ BitchX: Join to #windows2003 was synched in 0.209 secs!!
<movieslol> zi is a meany
<Zasz> k
>>> You have been killed by zi for[]!!pix.firewall!zi!zi
∙φ∙ movieslol [[email protected]] has joined
(Zasz/#windows2003) i was in the middle of a conversation there zi.
∙φ∙ BitchX: Join to #windows2003 was synched in 4.366 secs!!
<Zasz> movieslol
<zi> oh ok zasz
<Zasz> what should we do to him
<zi> carry on
<movieslol> meany :[
<Zasz> listen
<Zasz> man up
<Zasz> stop whining
<Zasz> ok
<zi> zasz == detective john kimble
∙φ∙ skt [[email protected]] has joined #windows2003
<Zasz> type /nick wussbag and zi will leave you alone
≡ naphtali/#windows2003 points and says Stranger
<movieslol> zi = poor boy
<movieslol> poor mean spirited boy
<Zasz> he’s poor? 🙁
<Zasz> I don’t see how his financial situation relates to this
<naphtali> Zasz, is that a pet ferret in your pocket?
<movieslol> poor was in regards to his state of spirit, not finance
<Zasz> oh
<movieslol> i just wanted me some freebsd help
<Zasz> could it be due to people like you
<movieslol> mr zi had to rain on my parade
<movieslol> my poor supple nubile parade
<Zasz> what did you ask
∙φ∙ mode/#windows2003 [+o zi] by Cerveza
<movieslol> i was having a resolution problem
<Zasz> DNS resolution
<Zasz> wasn’t that days ago
∙φ∙ mode/#windows2003 [+b *!*] by zi
>>> You have been kicked off #windows2003 by Debian (Banned)
∙φ∙ movieslol was kicked off #windows2003 by Debian (Banned)
∙φ∙ mode/#windows2003 [-o zi] by zi
<zi> goddamn fan club
<Zasz> :I
<naphtali> Party is over
<naphtali> Everyone go home
<Zasz> why’d you ban him
<e-vad> Zasz: where u gettin ur beans from nowadays?
<zi> i see no reason for people from other channels to bring their problems here simply because it’s -s 😛


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OMG the Unix has infiltrated my living room once. this time in a different units. its somewhat like the trojan horse. it came in looking like a regular ol’ PCs but then it was like OMG im the UNIX LOL and starting scattering monitors cables keyboards mices all over the living OMG LOL… “ITS THE FUCkING UNIX” “SHIT SHIT” “FIRE THE MISSAISLES”

Art March 23, 2008

Filed under: OMG WTF LOL,OMGBUNDAYLOL — Adam @ 2:28 am

Just something I drew.

Ode To The Tummy March 20, 2008

Filed under: OMG WTF LOL — Adam @ 5:20 pm

I don’t like driving long distances. My neighbor is using a “voice” to speak with its dog. It sounds like weakness to me and my manly sensibilities. Give me strawberry ice-cream any day, and I will take it over the “voice”. The stray thought crossed my mind: Perhaps Monsieur Jackass is attempting to seduce his dog? Well, I respond with a wink, anything to stop it from barking all the fucking time! *outrageous laughter ensues*…I don’t like driving long distances.




St. CATrick’s DAY! March 17, 2008

Filed under: OMG WTF LOL,OMGCATURDAYLOL — Chad @ 11:30 am

Happy St. Catrick’s Day


Hamster Dance REVEALED!! March 12, 2008

Filed under: OMG WTF LOL — Adam @ 1:29 pm

I only JUST RECENTLY discovered that the Hamster Dance song is actually from the Disney Movie ‘Robin Hood’, the one with all the animals (which sets it entirely apart from EVERY OTHER DISNEY MOVIE). I’ve never seen this movie, or if I have I don’t remember, so a review wouldn’t make much sense. The song is ‘Whistle-Stop’ by Roger Miller. I’m sure a lot of people already know this, BUT I DIDN’T. CAPS.


i couldnt find a picture for an ‘i-will-fuck-you-up hamster’


Woe! March 10, 2008

Filed under: OMG WTF LOL,OMGADAMFAILLOL — Adam @ 8:34 am

Naturally, I can’t read very well. Despite this, I (somehow) manage to write various things. Because of this, you may assume that I am making the assumption that people can read. Your assumption would be incorrect, but I would consider it a noble, if misguided, effort.

Now consider: to understand a word as it is meant to be understood, you should be able to find the definition of said word (still assuming you can read) and form a more comprehensive idea, i.e. : ‘The post was stupid’ could be translated to: ‘Used to mark a proper noun as something well-known or unique. Text that is placed on a Web site. Past singular first person. Tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense.’

It will occur to you (to me, since you can not read) that some of those sentences were not actually sentences. It may also occur to you that the substitution of empty spaces for periods is required in a reverse ‘translation’. More to the point, each of those definitions can be further reduced to the definitions of each individual word. This break-down could be further ‘broken-down’ and so on, and so on, until one very exasperated writer would be able to say, ‘Why the fuck did I do this?’ and proceed to cross-reference definitions. In this case, I would give each definition a little number and insert these reference numbers instead of the actual sentences. If the writer were to do this, he would be making his ‘break-down’ ever so pointless since, in essence, the reference numbers bear a striking similarity to the original sentence the writer endevoured to dissect.

The main objective is to hypothesize that the written (and spoken) word is, in itself, flawed and incapable of translating human thought as it is supposed to. To communicate, I propose we all dance at once another, gesticulate with our eyebrows, eyes, mouth, nose, flailing of the arms, legs…other places, grunts, and obnoxious screaming. We may also include various instruments and drawings. I believe it would take so long to do anything, that nothing would be done, and we would enter into an age of peace and failures of epic proportions involving everything we now associate with anything.

Traversing a similar vein of thought, if one had no eyes to see, then one would not be able to read with one’s eyes. One would be somewhat sad. That is, until one discovered braille. However, if the same ‘one’ had no sensation in their fingertips (or anywhere else for that matter), and if he/she could not hear, he/she would be in a very poor situation indeed. Throw in muteness, and you will have a fair concept of what I envisage anyone who ‘reads’ this to be.




I search… March 7, 2008

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Dear diary, I have just begun my search for pants — pinstriped pants. I have located a pair of pant-legs that suit my needs, howEVER the cost is ATROCIOUS. Chad and Jody assure me (assure, I say!) that this is NORMAL. To find this STRANGE fact out has indeed shocked my good PURE senses and I am dreadfully afraid of what the world now has to offer my naive and SIMPLE soul. Dear Diary, what do you suggest I do? Please reply with the UTMOST speed.


Your Love,



gossip girl 

burthdayz weekendz is over March 4, 2008

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burthdays is over. fuckin unix dirtyed up my fucking living room has taken the life of the computers of my roomzee adam. OMG FUCK the UNIX. since burthdays is over. its back to normal life SHIT SHIT theres a test on thursday in this stupid class. WHAT THE FUCK music industries what the hell is that shit. OMG WTF LOL. whats been learned over burthdayz, dont install the uNIX, if you ask if we should have a last round its probably a bad idea, dont go to IHOPs after the bad idea because its another bad idea, how to chaccaron (WTF CHACCARON LOL), THe chick at the FOXs and HOuNDs is HOT! Whatsup GIRL! JOdy is a fucking little CUNT. OMG WTF LOL, 2lessons up to this point int he semester is retarded its like week the end dont install the unix, chaccaron, bad ideas are bad, hot chicks work at fox and hound. even the one with like litterally no ass. WTF BEERPONGS WITH WATER!?!?!

MAC OS X is UNIX not LINUX fucking idiots at retail stores ie. Best Buy are dumbasses (hoorays i got a MACBOOKS its purty and black)


SHIT SHIT i didnt watch a movies o wells. i leave tha jody and adam on their little dates

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