Project X (2012) June 12, 2012

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Boobs. Boobs. This chick. More boobs. Also, funny.

















2 OMGs. 3 LOLs.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

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It’s The Rock. enough said!

omglivingroomlol July 26, 2008

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The Dark Knight July 25, 2008

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awesome, to the max with added bonus of a dead guy.

88 Minutes April 5, 2008

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So I got some complaints of my last review being so long so I’ll try to make this one quick.

88 Minustes doesn’t come out until April 18, 2008 but I’m awesome and I saw it already. The main character is played by Al Pacino so thats was cool but there are some other recognizable faces in the movie but they do a bad job of acting. Pacino plays the role of a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI which is even cooler. OMG for that. He gets stalked by a crazy person and little twists happen throughout the movie which I thought were good.This movie is not a shoot ’em up type of flick but overall it was a pretty good thriller/suspense to watch although Pacino’s hair in the movie bothered me.

I don’t know what the rating system goes by so for future references, mine will be on a scale of 10. That being said, I give this movie 6 OMgs and a OM.

PS: This was written with the unix. Hooray for free BSDeez

PPS: I haven’t found any other reviews out for this movie yet so I could possibly be the first person to post or write a review about this movie. HELLZ YEAH!!!!11!!

REVIEWS! April 3, 2008

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Movie one: I just watched the movie ‘Dark Water’. I believe it is a remake of a similarly titled Japanese film made in 2002. I didn’t like the ending, it was fucked up. It’s basically all the little russian girl’s fault. She really needed to get over herself. “Will you be my mommy??!!.?!? FOREVER?!?!?” Creepy. I’d only watch this once.

Movie two: I saw the Skeleton Key too. What the fuck. The near-ending did make me laugh though. Kate Hudson is spraying all this red brick dust at the doorways to keep this dude away from her. The red brick doesn’t let anyone cross if they mean you harm !!! BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT!!! What the fuck? So he’s all running around trying to find a way to get to her screaming, “I CANT CROSS!!!” whilst staring at a fucking line of red brick dust. I could hardly watch this once.

Movie three: Diary of the Dead. I love zombie movies. Only when the zombies look cool though. So one million OMG’s. BRAVO. To explain: zombie movies need zombies; all else is filler. I could watch this many times.

Movie four: The Darjeeling Limited. I liked it. I give two OMG’s for neat-o filming, a few LOL’s for giggly moments. I could watch it many times.

Movie Five: Enchanted. YES, I did like it. A funny movie, the lead lady is very good at what she does. Five LOL’s, and seven OMG’s for Disney’s ability to make good movies. I could watch it many times for the random singing alone.

Movie Six: I’m not looking forward to the remake of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, a classic sci-fi movie from the 1950’s. They casted the lead alien role as Keanu Reeves. He’s emotionally dead, so I suppose it fits, but still…Jennifer Connelly is ‘Helen’, so that’s cool. I will reserve judgment.

Movie Seven: In the Land of Women. Yeah, I watched this too. A big ‘What the fuck’ for the ending, but it was okay. One OMG, one LOL for a funny scene. I could watch it twice if I stopped before it ended…

Movie Eight: The Mist. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE ENDING?! Suprising and sad. Eight OMG’s for that. One LOL for the fact that it had no humor. By the end I was as devoid of emotion as Keanu Reeves and one very sad boy (MAN). I’d only watch this once.

Movie Nine: Serenity. Excellent sci-fi movie, but to truly enjoy it one must first watch the series ‘Firefly’. After doing so, the movie becomes magical and shocking. Ten OMG’s and eight LOL’s after taking into consideration the series. I could watch this many times.

Never Back Down March 24, 2008

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I saw this movie last week; so I’m a little late with this review. I originally wanted to watch this because I figured the fight scenes would be entertaining, which they were, too bad real mma fights aren’t like they are in the movie.  The movie starts with the main character, Jake, getting into a fight during a football game in which he proceeds to kick the shit out of the kid that keeps talking shit to him. That scene was quite entertaining since he took his helmet and beat the other kid with it. That’s worth an LOL. The setting now then changes to Orlando, Florida because the little brother is some sort of tennis prodigy. Jake is now attending a new high school full of spoiled little rich kids. This is also where the hot chick of the movie is introduced, Baja(Amber Heard…she has a nudie scene in alpha dog if anyone cares to know). Anyways, Jake takes a liking to this girl and then later finds out that she’s going out with the “badass” at their school(don’t remember the characters name and too lazy to go imdb).  Badass and Jake get into a little scuffle and Jake ends up getting his ass kicked rather quickly. Movie carries on and Jake starts training with the black guy from Gladiator and Blood Diamond. (If you don’t know who he is, here are some quotes from those movies and maybe you’ll be able to remember if you’ve seen either of those movies: Gladiator – “But not yet” and Blood Diamond – “ARRGHH!!!(beat some guerilla with a shovel)”) Baja then breaks up with badass and ends up with Jake….how typical. But before that happened she had said something to him, don’t know what it was because I wasn’t really paying attention during that part bc the scene was at the pool and there are plenty of distractions in the scene. Well Jake gets pissed and throws a little tantrum so he kicks the shit out 3 guys in a H2. More crap happens as the movie progresses and Jake continues more training with black guy and they build a happy and close relationship with each other. Jake’s friend then gets the crap beat out of him by the “badass” because he wants Jake to attend this tournament for underground fighters. The director tried to throw in a little funny part to juke the viewers out by making it seem like the first fight was going to be Jake and the badass with no special montage of fights but turns out they don’t fight first and there is a special montage of fights. Some of the fighting styles they showed in the montage are just plain ridiculous, granted they are real fighting styles but you would never see them in a mma match. Badass cheats in a match so he gets dq and Jake is like WTF and taps out of his match. The climax of the movie has now arrived. The two begin to fight in the parking lot of the venue. Jake ends up winning because he never backed down. LOL.  Jakes gets the girl, beats the bad guy, and continues his high school career. Honestly, high school kids involved in a highly organized fight club….very unlikely. Anyways. there were a few stupid things I could have mentioned but I don’t feel like wasting my time on them. Overall, the fight scenes were entertaining; the plot line not so much. This movie gets 2OMG’s and 2LOL’s for some of this shit that happened throughout the movie.

Chad, Romance, and Bunday March 2, 2008

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Chadrick is 21? what? For the longest time I was nearly certain My Dear Chad was perpetually 16. This news, albeit fantastical, IS A FUCKING SHOCK. Two OMG’s and one Special LOL Birthday

Don’t install the Unix, ’tis a fate worse than Death. James and I successfully vanquished one desktop computer and were on our way to conquering a laptop before we abandoned the project and installed PCLinuxOS. More will be done.

I saw Death at a Funeral. It made me chortle at several points — two LOL’s for that. Some events in the movie are OUTRAGEOUS, so three OMG’s for that. So if I were you and you weren’t me, I would watch the movie. Aside from inside-car scenes that some characters have on the way to the funeral, the entire movie takes place in one house. Despite how that may sound the movie was still entertaining. I’ll throw in one more LOL and an OMG.


AND IT’S BUNDAY!!I!*!*!*!*!*!


yeah…this is a rabbit…wtf's a

Golden Compass? January 30, 2008

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I missed last caturday, unfortunately. There’s always next time (until 2012, I understand).

On to the movie!

I saw this with Jody at the Rim. It’s an unfortunate name for a place, but that wasn’t my decision. I would’ve named it something…different.

Now I’ve read the books in this series, titled ‘His Dark Materials’ — the Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife, and the Amber Spyglass. Now I thought Mr. Pullman was writing a ‘young adult’ novel here — It was labeled so, anyways. The first novel is innocent enough, but you start to get the gist of what he’s actually up to in the second book. Say what you want about him and his writing, but the man aims high, sending children to kill God and whatnot.

But the movie…I thought the book was put together as more of a vehicle for the author’s ideas in the first place, as opposed to a masterpiece of the english language. I had heard the Golden Compass (movie) was good, but it seemed to go by so FUCKING fast. I thought my attention span was shot to shit already, but jesus! That’s all I really care to say. It sticks to the book mostly, and adapts it as well as any movie I’ve seen can — except at the end. It seems they left that part out for the inevitable sequel. I’m also a little tired of Gandalf being in every movie (he’s the polar bear). meow.

 I’ll give it two OMG’s for the asthetically pleasing cast, three OMG’s for them actually making this rediculous movie. I can’t wait for reactions when they start unveiling the purpose of the movie. One LOL for that situation. I’m sure much rofling will ensue. An additional OMG for entertaining me for a while.

THE Game Plan January 26, 2008

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